Out on the Scene.


This article develops a critique of identity-focused approaches to ethno-cultural diversity in urban settings by shifting attention from categorical identities to the question of socialities. Taking the example of a queer migrant club night as its point of departure, it shows how a focus on the forms of social engagement that are particular to migrant club scenes can contextualize identity claims but also go beyond them by highlighting the complexity of shifting affiliations and interactions that makes for the appeal of such scenes. Rather than seeing queer migrant club scenes as a protected refuge for a doubly discriminated minority, the consideration of socialities allows to reveal their functioning as semi-public urban formations.


urban socialities, sexuality, leisure, diversity, ethnicity

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Kosnick K., (2017) “Out on the Scene.”, Ethnologia Europaea 38(2). p.19-30. doi: https://doi.org/10.16995/ee.1038

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