From "Rethinking History" to "Rethinking Identity"


In this text, I will describe relevant negotiations on cultural belonging and national membership with the current situation in the Ukraine and Bukowina. Old and new migration movements have a big impact on these negotiations and I therefore selected them as a central theme. I explain how definitions of "the own" and "the other" function as orientations in the transformation of societies, and a national identity is installed through a mechanism of "rethinking history". Migration in the Ukraine goes two ways these days: the so called "transnational" migration on the one hand, and on the other hand, migration that is influenced by the idea or a historical home. To illustrate these two different structures and what consequences they have on the understandings of identity, I concentrate on the discursive assumptions and contrasting natures of the two forms of migration. My thesis is that the analyzed processof "rethinking identity" can not only be found in the Ukraine, but is a new development Europe-wide, which results in conflicts within one society, not between them.

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Kratzmann, K., (2004) “From "Rethinking History" to "Rethinking Identity"”, Ethnologia Europaea 34(1), 29-42. doi:

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