Popular Cosmology on the Threshold of the 20th Century.


The basis of my study is formed by a written material which was gathered in 1903 amongst Swedish-speaking Finns. Seven subject areas are covered: religion, mother tongue, geography, general history, arithmetic, geometry, and knowledge of nature. Several questions are answered according to an understanding of the world which is based on three aspects: the different subjects' own experience of physical existence, the teaching of the Church, and in some cases, on the reading of books. The worldview contained in those folklore narratives which also have cosmological themes is of a different nature. The analysis attempts to demonstrate how different worldviews are described in an interview and in narratives, respectively. Bricolage and codeswitching are scientific concepts used for this purpose.

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Wolf-Knuts, U., (1994) “Popular Cosmology on the Threshold of the 20th Century.”, Ethnologia Europaea 24(1), p.77-81. doi: https://doi.org/10.16995/ee.1826


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Ulrika Wolf-Knuts (Åbo Akademi University)



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