Mugarik ez! Subverting the Border ind the Basque Country


ln what could be considered a paradox in the present globalisation era, political borders, frontiers and boundaries in general, have become more than ever a point of interest and research focus of an increasing number of scholars, as the extensive and burgeoning literature on the topic highlights (Alvarez 1995, Donnan and Wilson 1999, Pujadas 1999). Now that national structures seem to be overwhelmed by the enforcement and consolidation of all kind of supranational structure and organisations, economic and political among others, talking about borders as sovereignty limits would not seem to make much sense. However, states are not as eager to relinquish their grip on territory and control on its borders as could be expected. This article aims to point out how borders can be considered significant places in the political arena, stages at which divergent representations of sovereignty and territoriality are performed.

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