Once a year the streets of Zagreb are filled with piles of junk, old stuff that the inhabitants of the town centre no longer need or want, cleaned out of attics, cellars, drawers and closets. It is carried out of front doors or thrown out of windows. And as the days proceed, the pavements and doorsteps become more and more difficult to pass through. Sometimes one gets a glimpse of previously well-known, but now long and often deliberately forgotten images. May 2004, an email dumped into the inbox, with three photos attached. It is a rather short, but precise, message: “Here you can find some pictures related to the huge junk on the Zagreb’s streets these days. Enjoy. P.S. some of those images are really HUGE junk :-)."

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Hjemdahl, K. M. & Skrbic Alempijevic, N., (2005) “Backlash”, Ethnologia Europaea 35(1), p.107-112. doi:

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Kirsti Mathiesen Hjemdahl (Norce Research)
Nevena Skrbic Alempijevic (University of Zagreb)



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