Volume 40 • Issue 1 • 2010 • 2010

Rhythm! Simon Rattle’s wonderful music and dance experiment with pupils from all walks of life in Berlin, captured in the documentary Rhythm Is It!, is an inspiration in many ways. It also seems to bring a new movement into cultural analysis. Thus far, there has been little work on how everyday rhythms intersect with cultural processes and creation. Two papers in this issue address this topic from a quite different perspective and they will hopefully stimulate both further research and thought. Even today, as everyday life is described as fragmented and in constant flux, there is a stable undercurrent of rhythms organizing people’s lives. Another underdeveloped topic that is treated in this issue deals with daydreams and fragrances, looking into how the perfume industry tries to produce scents linked to specific dreamscapes or nostalgic settings. The worship of martyrs and heroes in post-Soviet Russia is the theme of another contribution and the last paper deals with the economy and morality of elopement in rural Turkey.

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