Volume 13 • Issue 1 • 1983 • 1983

In this volume, the emphasis lies on the popular culture of the Romance countries, as a further outcome of the XIth International Working Conference of ETHNOLOGIAEUROPAEA at Montmajou in France (1981). It is in any case of particular value that reports with two different viewpoints regarding research tendencies in Italy could be offered, paralleling earlier reports relating to Sweden (see EE VI, 2, 1972; cf. on England EE VlII l 1975). With the contribution on the place of women in Spain, and on Season Variations, colleagues from the Anthropological-Sociological Centre at the University of Amsterdam get a hearing. This accent will surely be followed up through J. Boissevain's membership of the Editorial Board. The paper on ethnological concepts touches on questions which were first discussed by A. Hultkrantz in the first issue in 1967. Might it not be possible to take this fruitful beginning further and summarise the general concepts of the subject today in a new dictionary? Methods of threshing were in 1943 the object of one of the few thorough-going European studies (by D. Trotzig). Z. Klodnicki is now attempting to present, on the basis of more recent studies, a widened typology for threshing flails, and so to carry out some preparatory work for the European Ethnological Atlas.


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