Volume 26 • Issue 2 • 1996 • 1996 Conference "European Ethnology in Changing Europe"

Conference: European Ethnology in Changing Europe In October 5-7th 1995 a conference with this title was held in Pecsvarad in Hungary. The conference was arranged by the journal Ethnologia Europaea in cooperation with professor Peter Niedermiiller, Janos Pannonius University in Pees and located to Hotel Istvan Kiraly in Pecsvarad. It was supported by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities and Janos Pannonius University. The object of the conference was to offer an opportunity to ethnologists from different parts of Europe to have a thorough discussion of the theoretical and methodological problems that unite us in spite of disciplinary and national differences. The programme for the three day long conference was divided into four sessions . The first day was dedicated to a discussion of main concepts and research traditions in order to outline the scholarly differences within our subj ect and their historical backgrounds. The next day was reserved for two tendencies of current interest in ethnology: The historical approach and t h e shift o f interest from local communities t o the nation. Finally, in the third day's session - o n the politics and identity o f European ethn ology - the discussion was extended to the recent situation of our subj ect and its responsibility and possibilities in a changing Europe. In this issue of Ethnologia Europaea the majority of the contributions prepared for the conference are published; that is, the lectures given by the main speakers as well as the comments and additions from the cospeakers . The articles are prefaced by an introduction, the conference programme and a list of participants .

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