Volume 19 • Issue 1 • 1989 • 1989

This issue of Ethnologia Europaea consists of a collection of essays from a Hungarian-Swedish workshop on National culture as process in Budapest, May 1988. It is published in honour of Tamas Hofer on his 60th birthday. There are several reasons for turning this collection of papers into a tribute to him. First of all they are the result of a joint interdisciplinary research project on the formation of national cultures, which was started through Tamas Hofer's enthusiasm and efforts. Secondly, there are few European ethnologists who have meant so much for creating a cooperative atmosphere among European ethnologists. He has acted as a cultural broker between Eastern and Western Europe, between Europe and the US, as well as between different research traditions in European ethnology . His own contributions have been many and far-reaching, from the classic studies of the village of Atany to more macrooriented research on changes in Hungarian peasant society and culture. He combines an ethnographical interest in everyday life and everyday objects with an ambition for both theoretical and empirical synthesis, which makes him rather unique among European ethnologists . The special issue on National culture as process has been edited by Orvar Lofgren. It is partly financed through the generous assistance of the Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, which together with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences sponsored the symposium out of which this collection of essays came. This volume of Ethnologia Europaea has also been supported financially by the Nordic Publications Committee for Humanist Periodicals .

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